Sikory Estate is the winery in which classic processes of viticulture and winemaking discover a new amazing terroir of Semigorje. This is a project in which life experience and wisdom are interwined with the ever-young enthusiasm of its originator.

The ancient house of the Sikorskys uniting Polish and Ukrainian origins became the founder of a special way of life, an exceptional attitude to family traditions and lifestyle.
Historically, the Sikorsky family uses the Tsetrshev heraldic clan entered in the first part of the Book of Heraldry of the noble families of the Kingdom of Poland, and in the Common Book of Heraldry of the noble families of the Russian Empire. The coat of arms depicts a black grouse on a red background looking to dexter. The composition is crowned by a golden crescent and two golden stars.
Sikory Estate vineyards are situated in a picturesque subregion of Semigorje — a stunningly beautiful place spreading between Novorossiysk and Anapa valley.

Today Semigorje unveils its potential as one of the best vineyards in Kuban famous for producing quality wines of geographical denomination made of famous international varieties.

The exclusive nature of Semigorje terroir is driven by continental climate and unique stony-marl soils.

Beautiful and well-tended vineyards is the showcase of any economy. It is at this stage that a pleasing encounter begins, and the understanding of the wine quality comes.

European planting stocks prevail, grapes Cabernet Sauvignon – 7.61 ha, Rhine Riesling – 3.65 ha, and Merlot — 2.21 ha.
Planted vineyards of grapes Pinot Noir — 2.52 ha, Sauvignon Blanc — 1.16 ha, Chardonnay — 1.12 ha, and Riesling — 2.3 ha. These seedlings were purchased from the prestigious Mercier Nurseries in France.
In 2014, planting of Krasnostop Zolotovsky grape variety started on specially built terraces with a total area of 3.8 ha.
In 2016, the following varieties were additionally planted: Cabernet Sauvignon – 2.80 ha, Merlot – 2.80 ha, and Cabernet Franc – 2.04 ha. The planting stock was purchased in Italy (Rauscedo).
In 2017, 3.51 ha of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and 1.05 ha of Riesling grapes from Mercier Nurseries were additionally planted.
In 2018, 8.01 ha of Riesling and Chardonnay grapes were planted.
Presently, Estate Sikory has total vineyards area of 45.79 ha, of which 21.28 ha yield a harvest.
Sikory Estate winery is equipped with all necessary technical equipment from well-known international
companies that enables to monitor the quality of the wines produced at all production stages.
Construction of the new winery designed by French architect Mathieu Brullon is under way amid the vineyards. It will be gravitational, i.e. with no use of mechanical or other means of pumping of grape must and wine.

A modern winery will differ not only by the high level of the production process, but also will become the object of wine tourism to include all the necessary infrastructure from spacious tasting halls to brand boutique.
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