Our team
The unique quality and elegant style of our wines is the main accomplishment of the young and ambitious team of professionals, who are thrilled with
what they do!

Family has always been the most important in my life. Everything I did, everything I dreamed of is connected with the family: ever since I was a boy my parents fostered in me a love and respect for work, the desire to become better every day... All my life was a journey to the project, in which I would, first of all, be able to realise my dream and plunge into a genuine creativity. For me this wine is not just aproduct or a commodity. Sikory Estate wine is the way to translate the values of my people, my family, and to speak about the most important: love, honesty, respect and an earnest attitude to work. I invite you to enjoy the wine in which our tight-knit team put all its heart and soul!

Alexander P. Sikorskiy, Project CEO
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